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All our concrete is mixed on-demand at the job site. The fresh on-site mix ensures the correct strength and allows for maximum workability, and finishing time.

Our standard mix design specifications are 3000 psi to 5000 psi. We use the highest quality materials: ¾" to ¼" round aggregate, concrete sand, and Portland cement.

Air entrainment is also included in all our mix designs. Air entrainment allows the concrete to expand and contract during
temperature fluctuations which helps minimize cracking. It also improves workability, and reduces the amount of water in the mix to ensure the concrete strength and durability.

Hot water is always added November through February to aid the concrete set-up and curing process during the winter months.

Accelerator can be added to the mix to enhance curing time during the winter months.

Suggested Mix Design for your projects:

3000 psi:
Walkways, footings, foundations, patios, dog runs, fence posts, shed slabs, steps, pads
3500 psi: City sidewalk, curbs, driveways, approaches, garage floors.
4000 psi: High traffic projects, etc

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The Meter Mix Concrete Service Advantage
  • Fresh concrete, mixed on-site to the ¼ yard
  • Reliable, on-time service. Knowledgeable, friendly operator
  • Remote drive system for easy placement
  • Highest quality materials = superior product
  • No job is too small
The Perfect Mix for Every Project
  • Sidewalks, walkways, and steps
  • Patios, dog runs, and pads
  • Driveways, approaches, and handicap ramps
  • Footings, walls and foundations
  • Residential and commercial projects